Lawn Care

Is your lawn in need of a trim or a refresh? Give us a call, we are happy to offer one-time or regulary scheduled lawn care for your front and backyards.

Weed control: pesty weeds on the lawn or insects in your lawn, 5-6 step application for a weed free lawn
Tree and Shrub Maintenance
We are happy to help with all your tree and shrub maintenance. Often trees and shrubs grow out of control. No need to worry we take the time to understand each of our customer's needs 

Installing Premium Mulch
Interested in stepping up your garden? Let us help you get going by setting you up properly for your best growing season yet. Small or large, we can help all gardens!



Have you been wanting to spruce up your front flower beds, or completely landscape your backyard? Our team has the equipment and experience needed to provide you with either, or anything in between. From picking the proper foliage and flowers to finding the appropriate soil for each area, we guarantee you a reliable and sturdy landscape. Give us a call now to book your landscaping appointment with us today in Aurora, IL.

Snow Plowing

To ensure the safety of yourself, your family, employees, or customers, employ Riley's Lawn and Snow to cover all of your snow plowing needs. Whether you need your driveways, street, parking lot, or more plowed, our team has the equipment and vehicles necessary to do a reliable and organized job. Call our team today with your snow plowing wants and details and receive a free estimate. Book before it's too late!

Snow Plowing
Tree Pruning

Tree Pruning

A professional tree pruning service understands that a tree’s health and growth can be vastly improved when dead, broken, or infected branches are removed and cut away. Our team can ensure the safety and health of your tree because we know our professionals have all the necessary training and experience to do so. Contact us now for your next tree pruning in Aurora, IL, and any nearby area.


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